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Changing the way company analyze, prioritize and strategize.
Giving everyone access to more insights for better decision making.

Paying up to 500.000€ per year for
Benchmarks or Maturity Assessments?
Or you can't afford it?


MoreThanDigital Insights helps you in many ways. 
Our Insight Platform enables you to get an analysis where corporates are paying up to 500.000€ per year.
The Best: We will give everyone access to this platform.
You can even use it for free!

A Platform for every company

360° Company Overview - For EVERY Industry

No other platform was able to give you the complete overview of the "status-quo" of your company.

Now you can have the insights you need!

All Departments covered

Are you an SME or a global corporation? We got you covered. Analyze the company as a whole or deep-dive into every department -

It's up to you!

All Important Topics included

Business KPIs, People, Customers, Culture, IT, Operations, Processes, Strategy and even Data and Analytics.

Every Business Dimension is covered!

Unlimited Usage with unlimited Users

You want the full picture of your company or just focus on a single topic? You want to invite your whole company?

You choose how much insight you need!
Start small - grow big!

MoreThanDigital Insights Dashboard
Intuitive Interface &
Easy to use

The whole tool is built with the user in mind. You don't need to be an expert to use it and you can start with your whole team.

If you need help, then the extensive user-management modules helps you to bring experts on board easily, so your accountant or an external consultant can be part of your journey.

Stop wasting money on the wrong topics!
Only invest where you need it the most!

Get early access to your personal Insights!

Only 3 Steps


Fill out the Modules you need

Fill out the questionnaires or give your team members access to let them fill it out. Its really easy, intuitive and doesn't take long.

Generate the Report

Generate a report and see how you are compared to others and see where you have gaps.

Prioritize your Projects

With the extensive report, it is easier to focus on what is important. Stop wasting money on project with low impact.
Extensive Reports

Industry leading reports on your current status from financial perspectives but also about critical areas where your company needs to improve the maturity.

We guide you through the whole results and give you insights into your company, like you have never seen before.

1) Quantitative Finance Insights

- Important Financial Comparisons
- KPI's for the whole Company and every department
- Advanced KPI's for specific insights

2) Company Maturity Insights

- Processes & Operations
- People & Culture
- Customers & Engagement
- Data & Analytics
- IT & Technology
- Strategy & Innovation

MoreThanDigital Insights Reports

Get free early access
& a chance to win up to 50.000€ in Premium Packages
... and even more

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